Adjustable longline

Example of an Adjustable Longline system environment

  • Ability to raise and lower stock
  • Lets nature do most of the work
  • Oyster farming system for high quality oysters
  • Highly efficient farming system
  • Suits sandy seabed intertidal areas
  • Seapa clip range to suit adjustable longline from calm conditions to highly aggressive environments
  • Protects natural environment, as light is able to penetrate through to sea life below

Adjustable Longline

The Adjustable Longline system comprises of equally spaced posts, typically set three metres apart but can be closer in rough weather conditions, with strainer posts placed into the sea bed at each end. A tensioned  line is strung from strainer post to strainer post and securely tied off. The line is connected to the internal posts by a series of riser clips which are set to various heights on the posts. Baskets are then hung from the line by clips and are able to move freely in the water.

This system is ideally suited to areas of a softer sandy seabed with tidal range of 0.5 – 1.5 meters. It is preferred to be located in areas where farmers can work the lease at low tide by walking on the sea floor.

The major advantage of the Adjustable Longline oyster farming system is the fact that it allows the farmer to manage their stock by raising and lowering the line. Farmers will lower the line if they need the oysters to grow at a faster rate and they will raise the oysters if they are getting dirty or are growing too fast. When the line is right up at its highest level, the wave action will rumble the oysters in the baskets keeping them clean and stunting the shell growth, thus improving the quality of meat. This method of farming produces high quality oysters for the restaurant market which are clean, have a good shelf life, good meat content and good consistency.

The Adjustable Longline system allows the baskets to be suspended high in the intertidal water column,resulting in no direct impact to the natural environment below. The basket shape, and spacing on the Adjustable Longline allows light to penetrate through and allows sea grasses, plants and animals to grow naturally.

The Adjustable Longline oyster farming system greatly improves the efficiency of oyster farming. Oyster farms can maximise the space they have available on their lease, using this system, as the lines of posts are laid out in manageable rows that allow easy access to stock.



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