Example of a Floating system environment

  • Suits calm waters with little wave action
  • Minimal infrastructure required
  • Baskets move up and down with the tide

The floating system

There are many versions of floating farming systems.

Subtidal floating systems involves baskets to be constantly in the water which promotes rapid growth. Two floats are attached parallel either to the sides or end caps. Alternatively, floats can be attached to the line allowing it to move up and down with the tide. If there is no infrastructure to tie off the ropes, anchors sunk to the sea bed, attached by buoys on the surface. Baskets are then connected by a line and will float on the surface. This floating method requires little infrastructure

Float and flip system which is similar to the subtidal floating system where baskets float from a line supported by buoys, however one basket will be submerged at any one time, while another is able to be flipped on top so it is exposed out of the water.

Intertidal Longline Floating where floats are attached underneath the basket. This is generally used in areas with calm waters and very little wave action. The float will rotate the basket 180 degrees as the tide goes up and down, to help promote the oysters to rumble, which in turns creates consistent well shaped oysters. The intertidal floating system can also be used in areas with very marginal tides where the farmer wants to create more basket lift and movement

Floating systems  are prevalent in areas with minimal tides, and generally in calm waters where infrastructure is not exposed to wind and waves. Floating enables a system to grow oyster for areas which are either too deep, or too shallow for traditional intertidal systems.

Baskets with floats will move with the tide and stay in the top of the water column which also often contains higher concentrations of food. Floating systems allow the farmer to work at any stage irrespective of the tides. With minimal infrastructure, the longline floating system increase infrastructure mobility.  Allows for on farm infrastructure mobility. There are many ways to use SEAPA baskets in floating oyster farming systems, depending on the required outcome.



Seapa recommends the following Seapa products for this farming system: