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Stocking Densities


Every area is unique, and trialing should be allowed to determine your specific requirements. A general rule of thumb is double the size oyster to the size mesh you are using. Ie, 12mm oyster in 6mm basket.

Below numbers are all approximate quantities based on Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas)

  • 15L – 3mm Baskets       6,000 6mm Oysters
  • 15L – 6mm Baskets       3,000 12mm Oysters
  • 15L – 12mm Baskets      1,000 24mm Oysters       Grade out to 200 oysters per basket (24mm Oysters)
  • 15L – 20mm Baskets     100 40mm Oysters           Grade out to 60 oysters per basket (60-70mm Oysters)

Basket Washers

Where heavy fouling occurs, SEAPA baskets can be used in purpose built basket washers which use high pressure water to clean off fouling growth. Please contact SEAPA for more information


basket washer

Oyster Grading Machine

SEAPA baskets can be used with oyster grading machines.

Shellquip grading systems have the following benefits

  • Automatically – separate, clean, measure, sort, count and bag.
  • Fast – 1200 to 2000 dozen oysters per hour.
  • Accurate – 99% counting accuracy –more consistent than hand grading.
  • Gentle – oysters sorted by cushions of air. Studies confirm more gentle on oysters than hand grading.
  • Versatile – with a wide range of production enhancing ancillary equipment including feeders, inspection conveyors, washers, baggers and bulk handling.

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