On bottom oyster Farming

This traditional method of farming is to scatter the oysters on the sea floor once they reach a certain size from the nursery. The oysters will continue to grow on the sea floor. Oysters are then harvested by dragging a large rake along the sea floor collecting the mature oysters. Farmers have moved away from this system as it is susceptible to preditors, oysters are not freely moving, therefore can produce inconsistencies in shape and size.


SEAPA baskets have also been used for other species including:

  • Sea Urchins
  • Abalone
  • Crabs
  • Scallops

Other uses for the SEAPA baskets include Berley Pots.

Please contact SEAPA and we would be happy to discuss how our products can adapt to your particular requirements.

Seapa recommends the following Seapa products for this farming system: