Seapa 800 Baskets

The SEAPA 800 baskets are available in 25, 34 and 45 Litre volumes, offering a wide scope for elevated stocking densities. The 800 Series has PREMIUM END CAPS designed to wide versatility in farming methodologies, including floating, adjustable Long line, Rack and rail, or and Sub tidal.

Available in 12mm, and 20mm mesh sizes, the range targets conditioning oysters for market. The larger end cap circumference allows for bigger, flatter growing area and the basket shape is purpose designed to facilitate ’rumbling’, and in turn, provides the perfect platform to develop a well cupped oyster with a clean shell and high meat content.
The SEAPA 800 baskets securely holds stock with easy access from hinged door at one end. The unique design also enables conveyor automation -including automated door opening and closing.

  • Designed to complement existing infrastructure including rack and trellis systems
  • Bigger, flatter growing area
  • Accommodates larger stocking densities
  • Suits intertidal and subtidal use, can be laddered
  • Suits a wide variety of cultured species
  • Can be automated
  • Available in 25, 34 and 45 Litre volumes



The original injection moulded oyster basket


The Premium End Cap framed design provides a particularly stable storage arrangement with high capacity load distribution when stacked vertically on their ends. This enables a substantial load and space saving capability. The framed End Caps also enable efficiency gains in manual handling as the corners serve has hold points enabling four baskets to be carried simultaneously.

Premium 800 End Cap no Door

  • 12mm
  • 20mm

Premium 800 End Cap with Door

  • 12mm
  • 20mm

Seapa 800 Clips

  • 4310
    Universal Basket Clip 0 deg - 9mm
  • 4411
    Universal Basket Clip 90 deg - 10.8mm
  • 4311
    Universal Basket Clip 0 deg - 10.8mm
  • 6150
    Universal Axle Pin