Example of a Subtidal Environment


This method of farming is to grow the oysters constantly below the water line. This can be done by long lines set up from a backbone in the sea bed with sea anchors supported by buoys.

Subtidal oyster farming is used in deep water environments.Growing in the subtidal zone allows for the oyster to feed 24 hour a day promoting rapid oyster growth as it is constantly receiving feed. The downfalls with this system is that it can produce a thinner shell on the oyster and create a weak adductor muscle. When the baskets are submerged for long periods of time, fouling can accumulate. This method ideally suits to the oyster meat industry. Subtidal in conjunction with intertidal growth method can assist shell hardening and meat growth.

To use our baskets subtidaly, baskets are stacked on top of one another using the Premium End Caps. They are then attached together using a rope threaded through the specifically designed lugs around the Premium End Cap frame. Ropes are suitable for calm subtidal environments. If using in aggressive environments with high wave action, it is recommended to construct a stainless steel frame which locks the baskets into compression, reducing any movement. As these units can become heavy especially full of stock, it is recommended using a boat davit to lift the units out of the water.

Seapa recommends the following Seapa products for this farming system: