Adjustable Longline

Developed in South Australia, The Adjustable Longline System gives the farmer the ability to have greater control over their stock. This is achieved by raising and lowering the line to different heights set on the posts during different seasons, environmental conditions, and stage in oysters growth. Farmers will lower the line if they need the oysters to grow at a faster rate, or for preparation of a storm event, and they will raise the oysters to control biofouling increasing the time the oysters are out of the water. A raised line also is set for oyster conditioning, as it has less time in the water and greater time in the wave impact zone which will rumble the oysters in the baskets keeping them clean and stunting shell growth.
Ability to raise and lower stock
Lets nature do the work
Highly efficient farming system
Suits sandy seabed intertidal areas

Fixed Systems

Fixed systems involve the construction of metal frames, wooden racks, longlines set at a fixed height or other structures which are placed on the seabed in an intertidal range. Baskets are set through this installation allowing the oysters to open and feed when the tide is in. When the tide goes out, the oysters are exposed to the air which helps to manage biofouling and hardens the shell. Through the tide transition, the baskets enter the wave impact zone which promotes oyster rumbling. Floats can be attached to the baskets to help increase basket movement, in turn promoting the oysters to rumble in the baskets.
Suits static infrastructure
Promotes stock movement
Enhance shell shape and volume
Increase efficiency and speed

Subtidal Systems

There are multiple variations of floating systems used around the world. One option is to stack the baskets on top of each other using the Premium End Caps. The modules can then be tied down utilising metal frames, ropes in calm areas, or other materials to reduce movement of the baskets. The baskets can also be deployed individually by laddering on a purpose made frame or deploying with clips on a floating longline.
transfer between subtidal and intertidal systems
Leverage water column depth for stock holding
Secure infrastructure in open waters
Promotes rapid growth

Floating Systems

There are multiple variations of floating systems used around the world. Floats can be attached to the SEAPA baskets in various ways including a basket sitting on top of a float which moves with the tide, staying on top of the water column. This area often contains higher concentrations of food, therefore promoting fast growth. This system of floating allows the farmer to access their baskets at any stage irrespective of the tides. With minimal infrastructure, the longline floating system increase infrastructure mobility.
Suits calm waters with little wave action
Minimal infrastructure required
Baskets move up and down with the tide

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