Baskets help freezer to plate product

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December 20, 2021
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Baskets help freezer to plate product

Tasmanian oysters

Tasmanian Oyster Company managing director James Calvert had no problems talking about the importance of SEAPA products in the success of his “Freezer to plate” product.

This great new product uses six Pacific oysters, grown in SEAPA baskets, that are snap frozen with three different toppings, which can go from your oven to your plate in 15 minutes. 

This fantastic product has been a great success in Tasmania and is now making its mark along the Eastern seabound.


“We’ve had a great response since entering the market ,”James Clavert revealed. 

Calvert said following the success of the product in Tasmanian, they are making strong inroads into Queensland and are hoping to start a bigger marketing campaign soon. 

“ Hopefully with us getting through Covid 19 we’ll also be able to move into Victoria,”  James said. “The Seapa basket  helps us grow the best-shaped oyster for this product.”

The Tasmanian Oyster company grows all its Pacific Oysters in our  baskets and James expects to see strong interest in his product from the Aiasn market  because of its convenience in the retail market. 

James, who admitted strong interaction with us on all farming products , said they were  trialling the new GTX20  basket with good success.