Online success for forum in Japan

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Online success for forum in Japan

Sea oyster farming Japan

SEAPA Japan’s move to an online platform for our annual single seed farming forum was a huge success with 120 farmers and industry related professionals enrolling for our event.

We had to cancel the 2021 forum because of the Covid 19 pandemic, after the previous two events were held in Oska’s Knowledge Theatre..

This year we had three farmers, Tsudau Suisan, Onagawa Oyster Farm and Maruko Suisan, conduct presentations which included broadcasted tours of their farms, so the participants could understand their narrative, case studies and issues to overcome. 

Mr Tsutomu Miyata, from Japan International Research Centre for Agricultural Sciences,  presented his comprehensive research on marketing segmentation. We also exposed participants to our international knowledge, with SEAPAUSA manager Erik Schlagenhauf presenting on US procedures and Hog Island Oysters farming practices. 

We offered 10 group sessions, for the registered participants to talk to each other to expand their network. We were able to successfully get the participants to engage and create strong connections, while being isolated in each region with the restrictions.

We are hoping we can all physically come together for next year’s event. We want to continue contributing to the industry by promoting single seed oyster aquaculture, as we believe it provides a clear pathway forward for the Japanese industry to further evolve. 

Minute post-event


Japan Oysters

Mr Shinsaku Yamanaka working hard at leases of Onagawa Oyster Farm. 

Online oyster conference

Online producers broadcast Mr Yusuke Tsuda (right) from Tsudau Suisan answering questions on his farm story and culture methods.