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Super Fast Assembly

Easy, robust and efficient assembly built on the well known existing SEAPA flat packed platform.

Unsurpassed Strength

More integral strength, unsurpassed durability and increased stock security while giving farmers greater flexibility in deployment locations, and ease of assembly.

Stock & Basket Identification

Farm identification details can be printed on ID plates to give farmers a durable means of marking their baskets without reverting to hot brands or in manufacture customisation.

Secure and Adaptable

Clip locks which secure into the locking bar, providing faster assembly as well as extended clip life and the ability to pivot at both the base and head of the clip promoting basket movement.




1Basket volume
The GTX is a 20L basket, standing between our 15 and 25L basket range.
2Mesh Size
The GTX is currently available in 12mm mesh. This versatile mesh size allows optimum water flow for oysters 24mm through to grow out.
3Basket Dimensions
660mm long x 270mm wide x 160mm tall.
4Basket Weight
The GTX weighs 1.3kg
5Stocking Density
SEAPA recommends approximately 450 x 24mm oysters at first fill. Fill lines are marked on the basket to assist with rough measurements. As a general rule, start with between 20-30% full, and grade once oysters reach 50% capacity.



Backbone_topBackbone side
GTX20 end capGTX20 end cap_back

GTX20 meshGTX20 mesh 90
GTX20 streamline door openGTX20 streamline door closed

Next gen wide clipGTX20 wide clip back
GTX20 StormbreakerNext gen Stormbreaker back

GTX20 clip housingNext gen clip housing 1
GTX20 label panelGTX20 label

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