SEAPA customers win gold on France’s biggest stage

Celebrating 25 years
October 13, 2023
Celebrating 25 years
October 13, 2023

SEAPA customers win gold on France’s biggest stage

At the 2024 Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris, which highlights the tradition and
innovation in French agriculture, SEAPA has once again demonstrated its invaluable
contribution to the French oyster industry.

The event, held at the Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition centre, showcased the
crème de la crème of the agricultural world, blending contemporary challenges with
age-old practices.

Farmers using SEAPA’s oyster farming equipment have now been awarded over 30
medals in the history of the Salon de l’Agriculture, including six prestigious golds
awarded to Normandy farmers in 2024, highlighting the exceptional quality of oysters
cultivated with SEAPA technology.

The Taithoa Oyster Gardens stood out, securing a gold medal for its special oysters
at the Sanit Vaas-la-Hougue establishment.

This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone for the Taithoa Oyster
Gardens, which, since 2011, has amassed seven medals at the show, five of which
are gold.
Les Jardins site manager Eric Torin said winning this award is recognition for the hard work and increases the demand for these special oysters.

“Customer are celebrating the exceptional balance between sweetness and its ocean flavour, which
is enriched by the region’s unique environment.”

Torin was complementary of SEAPA’s farming method, which focuses on growing high-quality oysters in a uniquely designed protective oyster baskets that can be deployed in multiple methods and
environments. He highlighted the specific oval-shaped basket design promotes oyster rumbling
which enhances the shape of the oysters, improving the shell quality, and eliminating
the need for manual labour.

“This system provides consistent shape and size oysters,
whilst also maximises the meat content and quality.”

This superior quality of oyster and the environmental benefits of using long-lasting equipment underscore
SEAPA’s commitment to sustainability and excellence in oyster farming.
Torin said their gold medal-winning oysters boast a meat index of 12% to 14%, a
testament to their quality and the meticulous care taken in their cultivation.

Torin said this accolade is not just a personal victory but a boost for the entire region, elevating the
reputation of Saint Vaast oysters and promising a surge in demand.